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Rustic, True Karoo Accommodation

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Sadawa Game Reserve is situated in the tranquil Tankwa Karoo. It offers visitors rustic, affordable Karoo accommodation with the promise of peace and quiet away from the hustle and bustle of the city. This is a unique experience with vast landscapes, breathtaking sunsets and indigenous fauna and flora of this truly majestic South African Biome.


The Tankwa Karoo area is rich in history with various Bushmen settlement remains still visible and the “Vergete Groot Pad" that traveled through the middle of the farm many years ago. By day it is a vast landscape filled with indigenous flora and boundless blue skies. At night the skies become a stargazer’s dream with vast expanses of glittering stars you will never see in the city.

Self-catering has never been this peaceful!

215 km from Cape Town

70 km outside Ceres


Self-catering chalets for two to four persons


Hire the facilities as a whole for a group break-away or conference.


At Sadawa we make use of renewable solar and wind electricity. Therefore we do not allow any elements; that includes, coffee machines, electric kettles, toasters, heaters etc. These objects can damage our system.

We are an Eco-farm and try to keep our carbon footprint as low as possible. Therefore we discourage the use of plastic shopping bags and we recycle glass, plastic and tin. Please respect these principles when visiting Sadawa.

The Karoo Biome is very special and even though we accommodate hiking trails and off-road vehicles, visitors must take care to protect the veld and its indigenous creatures. Be sure to remove all waste and packaging to ensure no rubbish is left in this beautiful biome.

The Sadawa lodge and chalets can be accessed by all vehicles, including cars. However, driving in the veld requires a vehicle with high ground clearance (4 x 4 not needed). Sadawa will not be held liable for any damage to the undercarriage or tyres.

Most of our veld-pathways can accommodate high clearance vehicles (not cars). In some instances there may be more sandy bits of road. If you do get stuck in the sand dunes or mud, we will charge a fee for dislodging the vehicle. Please ensure that you inform management before driving in the veld to make sure you do not get lost.

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