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We are an Eco-Karoo farm

Take photographs, make memories and leave only your footprints.

The Karoo is an awesome place to live with the only real draw-back being that there are no municipal services delivered in this area.

Therefore residing here forces one to follow a more "green-lifestyle" and being self-sustainable. At Sadawa we try to minimize our carbon footprint as far as possible.

  • We have solar and wind power, with occasional use of a diesel generator on cloudy days

  • We use grey water systems to water plants

  • We recycle the majority of our glass, plastic and tin

  • The ash from burnt unrecyclables is used to fill in ditches and dongas in the veld.

  • We discourage the use of plastic shopping bags

  • We compost our wet waste

  • We only hunt for maintenance purposes (the older antelope past their prime) and we do not do group hunting

  • We make  use of solar geysers on some of our buildings

So when you visit us, please respect and adhere to these Eco-guidelines and help us keep the Karoo unblemished.

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